Forest Management

Professional forest management is the best way to ensure you get maximum returns from your forestry investment.

Effective forest management can have a huge impact on the value of your forestry investment. With professional planning, supervision and management of operations including forest establishment, tending and protection, you can expect higher returns from your asset. So it’s essential to engage people with expertise in all of these areas.

NZ Forestry field staff are members of the NZ Institute of Forestry, and we have a Registered Forestry Consultant to provide you with expert advice. So you can be sure you’re entrusting the management of your forest asset to people with the skills and experience necessary to secure you the greatest returns.

Our forest management and consulting services provide everything you need to make your tree crop as profitable as possible. With close liaison in terms of your budget, we’ll develop a detailed forest management plan for you. We’ll then find the best contractors for the project, and continue to oversee all operations until it’s completed.

From seedling to sale, NZ Forestry will keep you fully informed, and ensure you enjoy a high quality service throughout. With ongoing reports, you’ll be fully informed of the progress and results of your asset, and you’ll be the first to know if any problems or variations to plans arise. Our forest management strategy aims to protect and maximise your investment by nurturing the best tree crop possible.

NZ Forestry has developed strict policies and procedures that we operate under to protect wildlife habitat and species and to preserve high-conservation-value forests. Any documentation including those related to forestry certification are available upon request.

For quality forest management, tailored to your needs, talk to NZ Forestry today.