About Us

As specialist forest managers, NZ Forestry are committed to delivering the highest quality professional forest management with personal service, individual planning and attention to detail.

The team at NZ Forestry have the specialist skills to advise you on all aspects of forest management, from forest establishment through to the harvesting and marketing of your forest.

Paul, our Registered Forestry Consultant, will provide expert advice and analysis to help you realise maximum value from your investment by:

– evaluating new planting opportunities;

– undertaking Due Diligence for potential forest purchases;

– providing forest valuations to NZIF standards;

– planning forest management regimes;

– providing analysis of alternative species regimes.

NZ Forestry has a wealth of knowledge and experience in the establishment of Redwood in particular, with a number of large projects established in the North Island. See our project gallery for photos from these projects.

The forest harvesting management team is led by Jeremy, who is an NZIF member and holds a range of industry recognised qualifications. Having worked on both sides of the fence, with harvesting and roading contractors, corporate and private forest management companies, Jeremy has a unique mix of experience that gives him a solid understanding of the key drivers to success in the forest industry.

Cam manages harvesting operations around Taranaki and undertakes a significant amount of harvest planning for both corporate forests and woodlots. He also ably plans and implements forest management operations during busy periods to assist the team. Cam holds a Bachelor of Forestry Science and has corporate experience from summer work in Canterbury, and in forest engineering in Northland. By undertaking a broad range of forest management areas he understands how one operation influences another, to give consideration to the long term costs and benefits during the planning phase.

NZ Forestry’s team of forestry specialists each bring unique skills and experiences to the team, so we can offer you a wide skillset that you can call on for your individual project. Meet the NZ Forestry team below.