It's common for us to be asked "How much are my trees worth?"
Of course, the value of your forest or woodlot depends on many factors.

To give you an idea of the sort of forest value that can be achieved, we’ve compiled some results data from recently harvested small forest blocks we managed. The table below gives some basic background information on what the forest stand was like, along with the net forest value per hectare achieved.

There’s a common myth that small forest blocks are not worth harvesting, but every forest is different. Tree quality, tending history, topography, arterial access quality, harvesting difficulty and a number of other factors will have an impact on the value of your trees. We can assess these factors and readily explain the key drivers to the timber value likely to be attained from your forest, given the prevailing market conditions.

To get an expert assessment on the potential value of your forest or woodlot, please give us a call to discuss.

Dist. to Port
Dist. to Cust.
% Pruned
% 2nd Tier
% 3rd Tier
per T
per Ha
Client A Oct 2015 - Jan 2016 11.4 5,945 Hauler & ground based, Difficult due to multiple small blocks, a lot of machinery shifts. Quite long distances out over paddocks. Harvest of multiple small woodlots on dairy farm & runoff, large amount of edge trees, tree age 28-33 years. Real mix of quality due to small blocks. 74kms 45kms 20 41 39 64.56 33,085
Client B Feb 2015 - Mar 2015 5 2,285 Medium to steep ground based, two small blocks. Good truck access on existing farm race. Two staging with forwarder approx 500m to road. Small woodlot, age 26 years. Approx 375sph stocking. Standard 'pruned' regime you would say. 51kms 69kms 25 63 12 56.73 25,931
Client C Nov 2015 - Jan 2016 2 1,728 Medium to difficult tractor ground based harvesting, small block with a lot of edge trees needing winching over. Unpruned regime, planted at approx 1,200-1,500 sph & no waste thinning. Tall straight trees, very good form. Tree age estimated at 37 years. 51kms 44kms 0 51 49 40.87 35,316