It's common for us to be asked "How much are my trees worth?" Of course, the value of your forest or woodlot depends on many factors.

To give you an idea of the sort of forest value that can be achieved, we’ve compiled some results data from recently harvested small forest blocks we managed. The table below gives some basic background information on what the forest stand was like, along with the net forest value per hectare achieved.

There’s a common myth that small forest blocks are not worth harvesting, but every forest is different. Tree quality, tending history, topography, arterial access quality, harvesting difficulty and a number of other factors will have an impact on the value of your trees. We can assess these factors and readily explain the key drivers to the timber value likely to be attained from your forest, given the prevailing market conditions.

To get an expert assessment on the potential value of your forest or woodlot, please give us a call to discuss.