Professional forestry services to plan, plant, manage, harvest, & successfully market your forest products.

Getting the most out of your forestry investment is easier with professional forest management services from NZ Forestry. Our team have the skills and expertise to ensure you get maximum returns from your asset, while we lead the field in safety and environmental outcomes of the operations.

NZ Forestry holds ACC WSMP Secondary level accreditation for our Health & Safety Management system, giving you third party assurance that we are actively managing the safety of our workforce.

Click on our forestry services below for more information about the specialist forest management services we provide:

Our Services

Forest Harvesting & Marketing

Forest harvesting and sales – monetising your forestry investment.

Carbon Forestry

Find out how the Forestry ETS relates to your forest land.

Forest Engineering

Forest engineering requires careful planning and professional implementation.

Forest Management

Forest establishment, tending and protection are crucial to the value of your investment.