Log Prices/ Results

It's common for us to be asked "How much are my trees worth?" Of course, the value of your forest or woodlot depends on many factors.

There’s a common myth that small forest blocks are not worth harvesting, yeah right. There are a a number of factors that influence the profitability of all forest harvesting – tree quality, tending history, topography, road access quality, harvesting difficulty, sales options & prices, will all impact on the net return from the harvest of your trees. We can assess these factors and┬áreadily explain the key drivers to the timber value likely to be attained from your forest, given the prevailing market conditions.

The graph below illustrates for several key export log grades the variable of export log prices over time. We seek competitive pricing from several log exporters where we operate to allow sales decisions to be made, with the aim of maximising the Owners net profit.

To get an expert assessment on the potential value of your forest or woodlot, please give us a call to discuss.